This page is dedicated to unforgotten heroes who died from acts of War or Terrorism over many years, as well as Shipmates who served aboard the “Sheffield’s” under the White Ensign.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them

“Let us always be inspired and may the flame of remembrance within us never be extinguished”

Name Rank/Rate Pennant Number CTB
Harold H. AshdownShipwrightHMS Sheffield C2401.01.1938
Daniel B. McCarryBlacksmithHMS Sheffield C2409.10.1938
James A.E. BromleyAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2424.02.1939
Frederick H.A. HolleyfieldOrdinary SeamanHMS Sheffield C2404.11.1939
John W.V. PennStokerHMS Sheffield C2430.01.1940
Ninian G.R. CrawfordLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2417.01.1941
Robert Terence GroganCommanderHMS Sheffield C2424.05.1941
David T. GeorgeOrdinary SeamanHMS Sheffield C2426.05.1941
Ambrose LingAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2427.05.1941
Raymond Charles TaylorAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2428.05.1941
Brian P.H. BrooksLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2429.05.1941
Philip Anthony NedwillLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2429.05.1941
John William Baker MarjoramRegulating Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2429.05.1941
John Lawrence SavillLeading Airman FAAHMS Sheffield C2429.05.1941
Frederick William WintRoyal MarineHMS Sheffield C2405.03.1942
Arthur Alexander HolmesLeading Canteen AssistantHMS Sheffield C2413.05.1942
Charles P. Penn-SimkinsLeading AirmanHMS Sheffield C2404.09.1942
Michael Firth AtkinsonLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
M.G.ClydeSub Lieutenant RNVR Pilot 700 Sq FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
Earnest Henry HardwickSub Lieutenant RNVR 700 Sq FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
Neil Stewart McKenzieSub Lieutenant RNVR 700 Sq FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
Peter John WheatleySub Lieutenant RNVR 700 Sq FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
Frederick John PayneLeading Airman FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
Charles Patrick Penn-SimkinsLeading Airman FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.09.1942
Peter Arthur Spong StokerHMS Sheffield C2411.11.1942
John EdgarMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2428.03.1943
Andrew N.G. CampbellLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2421.08.1944
William Harry WestAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2427.09.1944
William SmithLeading StokerHMS Sheffield C2430.09.1944
John Edwin RawlinsonOrdinary SignalmanHMS Sheffield C2429.04.1945
Horace VarleyAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2428.12.1945
William W. ManserLeading StokerHMS Sheffield C2418.11.1946
Patrick P. MurphyChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2424.03.1947
Hugh C. KaneLeading CookHMS Sheffield C2423.07.1947
Alexander A. ReaAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2421.10.1947
Brian West Windle DSCSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2409.08.1949
William T. TolleyAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2414.12.1951
Captain W.P. Mark-Wardlaw DSORear AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2410.08.1952
James FarrellyAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2425.12.1954
Sir Marshal L Clarke KBE CB DSCAdmiralHMS Sheffield C2408.04.1959
Captain Sir C.H.J. Harcourt GBE KCBAdmiralHMS Sheffield C2419.12.1959
Peter Wardlaw DaviesLieutenant RANHMS Sheffield C2415.01.1960
David K. McCleery MSCInstructor CommanderHMS Sheffield C2418.04.1961
Mark NapierLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2408.02.1962
Captain Charles Thorburn Addis DSOCaptainHMS Sheffield C2421.12.1962
Sir William G Tennant KCB CB CBE MVOAdmiralHMS Sheffield C2426.07.1963
Captain Charles Arthur A Larcom DSCCaptainHMS Sheffield C2418.08.1964
Ian D.L. Rhodes CGMLieutenant RANHMS Sheffield C2403.01.1967
George B.H. Fawkes CB CVO CBEFlag CaptainHMS Sheffield C2426.07.1967
Edward Ralf HumphryCommanderHMS Sheffield C2426.10.1967
Alec Lockhart HobsonCommanderHMS Sheffield C2412.11.1970
P.J.O'Meara MB CH.B DPHSurgeon CaptainHMS Sheffield C2429.05.1971
Captain Edward De Faye Renouf CB CVOVice AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2415.09.1972
Captain Sir John G.T. Inglis KBE CB OBEVice AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2429.10.1972
James Francis Lind Holmes DSCLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2430.05.1973
John Birch Caldwell MBELieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2420.09.1973
Captain Michael Everard CBECaptainHMS Sheffield C2413.11.1973
James J.E. Farnol DSC BSMLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2418.05.1974
Sir Reginald T Sandars KBE CBVice AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2426.05.1975
Captain Walter Keith McNeil CBRear AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2424.04.1976
Frederick HolmesSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2404.08.1976
George F. Abercrombie VRDSurgeon Captain RNVRHMS Sheffield C2426.09.1978
Leonard FenwickLeading Seaman (M)HMS Sheffield D8018.02.1979
Rear Admiral George V.M. Dolphin CB DSOCommanderHMS Sheffield C2410.07.1979
Sir Robert Cyril May MC KBE OBESurgeon CommanderHMS Sheffield C2417.09.1979
William James Beard HerbertPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2422.11.1979
Rear Admiral Noel E. H Clarke CBLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2427.04.1980
Captain Sir J Eaton KBE CB DSO DSCVice AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2421.07.1981
Robert G. H. HutchisonLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2426.12.1981
Leslie John CockeLieutenant Commander RNVRHMS Sheffield C2410.03.1982
David I. BalfourLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
John S. Woodhead DSCLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Richard C. EmlySub LieutenantHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Brian WelshMaster-at-ArmsHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Michael E. G. TillActing Chief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Andrew C. EggingtonArtificer 1HMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
David R. Briggs DSMPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Robert FaganPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Anthony R. NormanPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Kevin R. F. SullivanChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Barry J. WallisWEM 2HMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Allan J. KnowlesLeading MEMHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Tony MarshallLeading CookHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Adrian K. WellsteadLeading CookHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Darryl M. CopeCatering AssistantHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Neil A. GoodallCookHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
David E. OsborneCookHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Andrew C. SwallowCookHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Kevin J. WilliamsCookHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Lai Chi KeungLaundrymanHMS Sheffield D8004.05.1982
Rodney Ritchie HeathLieutenantHMS Sheffield D8025.05.1982
Lieutenant Colonel John Taplin OBE MBERoyal MarineHMS Sheffield C2402.09.1982
George Cook MBE DSCA/Cd.GunnerHMS Sheffield C2402.02.1983
Richard Furneaux StubbsLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2406.11.1983
Captain Arthur Wellesley Clarke CBE DSOCaptainHMS Sheffield C2403.01.1985
William 'Singey'Anderson DSCMidshipman RNRHMS Sheffield C2412.02.1985
Stanley StephensonRoyal MarineHMS Sheffield C2420.08.1985
Captain Geoffrey M. Sladen DSO DSCCaptainHMS Sheffield C2404.10.1985
Leslie Charles AlliesCommanderHMS Sheffield C2404.11.1986
Frank William ColePetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2415.12.1986
David A. B. AbdyLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2406.04.1987
Errol Rodney MannersLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2419.02.1988
Richard Murray Garside CBECommanderHMS Sheffield C2412.04.1988
Alan J. TaylorLMEM(M)HMS Sheffield F9607.09.1988
David C. 5th Earl Cairns GCVO CBCommanderHMS Sheffield C2421.03.1989
Geoffrey Hare DSO Observer 712 Squadron FAAHMS Sheffield C2424.05.1989
Sir Charles Norris KBE CB DSOVice AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2417.12.1989
Captain Kenneth L. Harkness CBE DSCCaptainHMS Sheffield C2412.01.1990
John Mawer Larder DSC MBEGun Direction FinderHMS Sheffield C2430.05.1990
William Royal James CookePetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2412.08.1990
Mark WinterAble SeamanHMS Sheffield F9618.12.1990
Captain L.D. Davenport CB OBERear AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2427.12.1990
John Seymour Filleul DSCMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2411.06.1991
Captain Leo P. Bourke DSC OBECaptainHMS Sheffield C2426.05.1992
Derek Hammond AngelMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2402.06.1992
John Charles Lowein CBEMidshipman RNRHMS Sheffield C2406.11.1992
Edwin 'Eddy' SpeedPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2405.06.1993
Andrew C NithsdaleAble SeamanHMS Sheffield D8006.02.1994
John Bernie FlintMEM (M)HMS Sheffield F9606.02.1994
Thomas Johnston DSCLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2404.03.1994
Malcom W.S.L Searle CB CBECommanderHMS Sheffield C2404.05.1994
Charles King AnthonyLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2430.09.1994
Leslie William MoodyStokerHMS Sheffield C2415.05.1995
Sir John R. McKaig KCB CBEAdmiralHMS Sheffield C2407.01.1996
Frederick Roy FentonAir MechanicHMS Sheffield C2412.01.1997
William Harold Watts CBE OBEInstructor CommanderHMS Sheffield C2414.01.1997
Captain Nick J. Barker CBECaptainHMS Sheffield F9607.04.1997
John CookOrdinary Seaman RNVRHMS Sheffield C2415.09.1997
George Collett Blundell CBE OBELieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2419.10.1997
Christopher B.H.Wake-WalkerSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2405.04.1998
Michael Basil ElmsleyLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2415.10.1998
David Lawrence Cobb CVOSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2429.01.1999
Arthur Bassett-BurrShipmate RNZNHMS Sheffield C2404.08.1999
Norman John Parker DSCLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2415.01.2000
Stanley Hope Walker OBE DSCLieutenant Commander RNRHMS Sheffield C2401.01.2001
Matthew J. LewisOperator Mechanic (AW)HMS Sheffield F9608.02.2001
Peter R. SuggettLieutenantHMS Sheffield F9619.06.2001
Trevor Henry NormanLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2408.10.2001
James W. AllenAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2413.03.2002
John Cedric Brown VRDSub Lieutenant RNVRHMS Sheffield C2428.04.2002
Terence M 'Ollie' HolmanLeading Seaman (FC2)HMS Sheffield D8027.07.2002
Kenneth Innes Hamilton DSCLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2429.01.2003
Walter P. EdneyPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2418.09.2003
Andrew John IgguldenStoker 1st Class RCNVRHMS Sheffield C2430.09.2003
David A.P. WeatherallMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2410.01.2004
Eric Ford Back DSCCommanderHMS Sheffield C2425.02.2004
Sir Wilfred Parker KBE CB DSC OBEVice AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2410.05.2005
George MussonShipmate RNZN HMS Sheffield C2404.10.2005
Richard F Tibbatts DSCMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2403.12.2005
John 'Jack' SiddonsLieutenant Commander RCNHMS Sheffield C2428.06.2006
Guy E.M. NaylorSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2412.07.2006
Richard 'Ollie' EdwardsLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield F9607.10.2006
John M GroskopfEngineer USNHMS Sheffield C2427.10.2006
Thomas Allen DennettChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2429.03.2007
Walter Stanley BoreChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2417.06.2007
John Michael BoxallMEM (1)HMS Sheffield C2410.08.2007
Robert M. 'Boot' Green BEMChief Petty Officer RCNHMS Sheffield C2416.10.2008
William 'Bill' BauckhamAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2423.10.2008
Armand George LatreilleShipmateHMS Sheffield C2422.11.2008
Melvyn TattersleyShips WriterHMS Sheffield D8030.01.2009
Colin C.H 'Clop' Dunlop CB CBERear AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2408.03.2009
Vic ParrishLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2421.05.2009
David Charles PottsChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield F9630.10.2009
Hugh Kelvin 'Kel' DuncanLieutenant RANHMS Sheffield C2430.11.2009
Captain James F.T.G Sam Salt CBRear AdmiralHMS Sheffield D8003.12.2009
Colin HutchinsonPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8000.00.0000
Sky LarkinAble SeamanHMS Sheffield D8000.00.0000
D.C. Del MoonPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8000.00.0000
Raymond BurnerPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8027.03.2010
John F.H. JonesSurgeon Lieutenant (D)HMS Sheffield C2412.04.2010
Andrew BrookesChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield F9616.05.2010
Terry D.F. WallerChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8000.00.2011
Denis BeasleyHMS Sheffield Assoc ChairmanHMS Sheffield C2416.02.2011
John PryorMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2415.04.2011
John David Latimer Repard CBE DSCMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2417.09.2011
George Edward Hunt DSO DSCSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2416.08.2011
Derek RobinsonHMS Sheffield Assoc Social SecHMS Sheffield C2414.10.2011
Ron ColmanShipmate RNZNHMS Sheffield C2409.11.2011
Charlie AdamsHMS Sheffield Assoc Vice ChairmanHMS Sheffield C2407.01.2012
Mick OxtobyLeading Radio Operator (G)HMS Sheffield D8031.01.2012
Captain R.J.P Robin Heath CBECaptainHMS Sheffield D8018.04.2012
Harry 'Jimmy' James StartinLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2408.07.2012
Rev James Robert DiaperGunnery RatingHMS Sheffield C2424.07.2012
Al TocherChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8000.00.2012
Commander Sir David Williams KCB GCBAdmiralHMS Sheffield C2416.07.2012
Derek MolyneuxCommanderHMS Sheffield C2422.07.2012
William Bill BrimsonLeading AirmanHMS Sheffield C2404.08.2012
George NichollsShipmateHMS Sheffield C2426.08.2012
Frank BlissetSignalmanHMS Sheffield C2417.09.2012
Norman MastersPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2418.12.2012
Gordon DeaconShipmateHMS Sheffield C2423.01.2013
Anthony DerryRoyal MarineHMS Sheffield C2422.02.2013
Owen PiggottRDF RatingHMS Sheffield C2405.04.2013
Herbert Geoffrey JacobsRatingHMS Sheffield C2424.04.2013
John NoadesStores AccountantHMS Sheffield C2425.04.2013
Captain Sir John Woodward GBE KCBAdmiralHMS Sheffield D8004.08.2013
George Percy ColePetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2407.09.2013
Stanley Stan NicholasLeading StokerHMS Sheffield C2413.09.2013
Douglas Albert LaybourneChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8005.11.2013
Roy Bowmaker FosterMidshipmanHMS Sheffield C2420.01.2014
Ben HancockRatingHMS Sheffield C2404.03.2014
Henry George VerdonLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2401.06.2014
Sydney George CaslakeArtificerHMS Sheffield C2409.06.2014
David AllenChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2409.08.2014
Gordon BainsLeading SeamanHMS Sheffield C2420.12.2014
Lawrence Hogben DSCLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2420.01.2015
Raymond 'Andy' AndersonLeading MEM(M)HMS Sheffield D8005.02.2015
Ken BurkinshawChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2429.03.2015
Vince FosterChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8003.06.2015
Brian PeckRadar OperatorHMS Sheffield C2429.08.2015
Denis Edward ReeveShipmateHMS Sheffield C2417.09.2015
Reverend Albert BraithwaiteRoyal Navy ChaplainHMS Sheffield C2422.10.2015
Herbert John BurberyChief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2405.11.2015
Christie T. ArnoldArtificer RCNVRHMS Sheffield C2418.04.2016
Peter SmithAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2424.04.2016
Frank RuslingSignalmanHMS Sheffield C2406.08.2016
Brian Roger CallisRoyal MarineHMS Sheffield C2431.10.2016
Norman DyerShipmateHMS Sheffield C2410.11.2016
Robert 'Bob' JerromShipmateHMS Sheffield C2428.12.2016
Gilbert Rex 'Gilly' Howe BEM MSMRoyal Marine (SBS)HMS Sheffield C2410.12.2016
Fred PowerPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield C2429.01.2017
Charlie AdamsonChief Petty Officer (GI)HMS Sheffield D8012.04.2017
Dennis Raymond LaneShipmateHMS Sheffield C2404.06.2017
Henry Walter P.E. DraxLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2404.07.2017
Wilfred 'Wid' Graham CBRear AdmiralHMS Sheffield C2402.02.2018
David GlasbeyAble SeamanHMS Sheffield D8011.03.2018
Frederick PeetersSeamanHMS Sheffield C2404.04.2018
Robert E.F. De PassSub LieutenantHMS Sheffield C2417.04.2018
William TeasdaleShipmateHMS Sheffield C2423.06.2018
Craig 'Jock' BrydenLeading StewardHMS Sheffield D8017.10.2018
Ivor HarrisonShipmateHMS Sheffield C2421.10.2018
John Smissen Chief Petty Officer (Shipwright)HMS Sheffield D8016.11.2018
Keith 'Jonah' JonesLeading Seaman (TAS)HMS Sheffield D8023.02.2019
William Edgar SherrattShipmateHMS Sheffield C2416.04.2019
Herbert 'Bert' Twiddy DSCLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2412.07.2019
Alfred 'Chick' FowlerHMS Sheffield Assoc FounderHMS Sheffield C2411.03.2020
Eric PapePetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8027.03.2020
Stephen 'Fordy' FordRadio Operator (T)HMS Sheffield D8002.04.2020
Dougie BurnhamAble Seaman (TAS)HMS Sheffield D8010.04.2020
Percy C.F. 'Dan' DanbyLieutenantHMS Sheffield C2426.04.2020
Barry 'Sticky' BostockPetty OfficerHMS Sheffield D8014.05.2020
Kevin 'Jock' ShortAble Seaman (TAS)HMS Sheffield D8007.06.2020
John Collett BEMAble Seaman (RP)HMS Sheffield C2426.07.2020
David Gwilym Roberts CBESub-Lieutenant (E) RNVRHMS Sheffield C2431.07.2020
Peter FranklinAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2415.10.2020
Paul StockdaleAEM1 FAAHMS Sheffield D8029.10.2020
Clive 'Robbie' RobinsonStoker MEM (L)HMS Sheffield D8001.11.2020
Gordon GreenStokerHMS Sheffield C2425.11.2020
Douglas WatersAble Seaman (QA)HMS Sheffield C2420.12.2020
Mike 'Dizzy' DiskettPetty Officer (GI)HMS Sheffield D8003.01.2021
Brian DibbleShipmateHMS Sheffield C2414.03.2021
Paul EntwistleWEM(R)HMS Sheffield D8029.05.2021
Nick AshcroftAble Seaman (S)HMS Sheffield F9601.07.2021
Captain Simon Christopher ArglesCaptainHMS Sheffield D8031.08.2021
Mike SmithCCMEA(L)HMS Sheffield D8005.09.2021
Frank StaffordLieutenant CommanderHMS Sheffield C2428.09.2021
Roy (Horace) HaylettAble Seaman (M)HMS Sheffield D8009.10.2021
Ronald Clifford BennettAble SeamanHMS Sheffield C2407.11.2021
Gareth 'Taff' HickmanCooks MateHMS Sheffield D8001.12.2021
Frederick Earl 'Bud' McGloneChief Petty Officer RCNHMS Sheffield C2414.12.2021
Duncan McIntyreOperator Mechanic (C)HMS Sheffield F9620.12.2021
David Anthony SilverAble Seaman (GL3)HMS Sheffield C2422.05.2022
Frank Cooper MBEPetty Officer WriterHMS Sheffield D8021.05.2022
Paul MadeiraPetty Officer MAHMS Sheffield F9615.11.2022
Alick BoswellAble Seaman (QM2)HMS Sheffield C2413.03.2023
Colin TinsleyCharge Chief Petty OfficerHMS Sheffield F9605.05.2023
Michael J EgertonChief Petty Officer (MEA1)HMS Sheffield D8007.07.2023
David BarracloughLOEMHMS Sheffield C2423.07.2023
M.A 'Sam' CookRO1(T)HMS Sheffield D8015.08.2023
R.J 'Bob' MullenLeading Seaman (R)HMS Sheffield D8019.10.2023
Keith SimpsonCPOSAHMS Sheffield D8024.01.2024
Rod GrundyAble Seaman (EW)HMS Sheffield D8010.05.2024
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